Aksharaslokam E-sadass

Welcome to the E-sadass! This page contains the collection of slokams recited in the Yahoo group for Aksharaslokam.

The following formats are available.

  1. PDF : A PDF document with all the slokams, plus a lot of more information, like footnotes giving meaning and related slokams, statistics, information about reciters, detailed index etc.
  2. XML : A well-formed, easily-parseable XML document with all Malayalam text in Manglish using mozhi scheme.
  3. HTML : An HTML document with Malayalam text in Malayalam unicode.

Also, these documents are available in separate documents with 500 slokams each.

Please send your comments to aksharaslokam@gmail.com.


Index to slokams

Documents (PDF/XML/HTML)

No. Description PDF XML (Varamozhi) HTML (Unicode)
1 All slokams esfull.pdf es-all.xml es-all.html
2 Introduction, Table of contents etc. es00.pdf - -
3 Slokams 1-500. es01.pdf es01.xml es01.html
4 Slokams 501-1000. es02.pdf es02.xml es02.html
5 Slokams 1001-1500. es03.pdf es03.xml es03.html
6 Slokams 1501-2000. es04.pdf es04.xml es04.html
7 Slokams 2001-2500 es05.pdf es05.xml es05.html
8 Slokams 2501-2646 es06.pdf es06.xml es06.html
9 Other slokams, definition of meters es98.pdf - -
10 Statistics and Index es99.pdf - -

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